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Razor-sharp tools for cooking aficionados: High carbon steel (XC75) knives by Au Nain Couteliers

They are discernable by their black beechwood handles and feature the same bolster as the knives from the "Ideal" range. There are 4 carbon steel knives with varying blade lengths on offer:

*Filleting knife (17cm and 20cm)

This knife with a long, narrow blade cuts salmon, ham and many other foodstuffs into extemely fine slices. In France, such knives are known as "filet de sole", since it also makes clean slices out of grilled fish such as soles. The blade of this thin carbon steel knife can be sharpened to perfection, so that the knife itself can face any challenge in the kitchen.
Total length: 29cm. Weight: 60g.

*Chef's knife (20, 25, 30, and 35cm)

A hit in many household kitchens: carbon steel chef's knives minimise the amount of hand movements needed to prepare food, thus making the whole process just a tiny bit less tiring. These unrivalled blades cut, hack, and dice even the toughest of foodstuffs: from hazelnuts to pumpkins, the carbon steel chef's knife can tackle anything. It transforms chunks of meat in appetising cubes and tuber vegetables into even stripes. Whatever challenge may be facing it, a chef's knife with a blade of carbon steel can solve it without much effort.
Total length: 31.5cm, 45cm, and 49cm. Weight: 110g, 350g, and 450g, respectively.

* Chef's knife Carbon steel 36cm with ABS Handle

Au Nain Chef's knife Carbon steel XC75
The handle is made of the robust ABS material and sport the characteristic three rivets.
Total length: 50cm- Weight: 480g 





The particular advanatges that carbon steel knives have over stainless steel ones



Whoever decides on buying a carbon steel knife by Au Nain shows some expertise, since they get a traditionally forged cutting tool with a blade that surpasses any stainless steel blade regarding the maximal edge holding ability as well as sharpness. But what does "not stainless" mean when it comes to carbon steel knives? If cutlery steel consitst only of iron and carbon, the resulting cutting tool acquires a particularly fine texture and an extremely sharp blade. However, since such a knife has no protection against humidity and acidity, it requires to be carefully washed under running water and thououghly dried off after use.

It's different when it comes to the so-called stainless steel: the chromium in it builds carbide deposits. Stainless steel possesses a much rougher texture when compared to carbon steel. If its edge is extemely worn down by sharpening, a stainless steel blade can no longer support these carbide deposits, the result of which is that the blade's facet gets damaged faster. That, however, means only microscopically small chips in the blade. The consequence of that is that non-stainless steel blades ususally have a more stable cutting edge than those made of chromium steel. Stainless steel blades usually feature extremely fine serration. Their initial razor-blade sharpness does not hold for very long, but they can stay sharp enough for everyday use for many a year.
In case of cutlery steel with harldy any carbon content which does not allow for the accumulation of carbides, the resulting stainless steel does not have the effect of serration. Instead, it can be sharpened extremely finely and thinly, just like non-stainless carbon steel. But it still cannot surpass carbon steel due to it lacking any carbon and thus being less tough and performance-capable. If you value maximal sharpness or place much importance into the cutting edge's stability, your best choice would be a non-stainless steel knife. With time, it will develop a patina without any performance impairment. The carbon steel knives manufactured by Au Nain Couteliers combine all the advantages of this steel type. If well-kept, such knives will last a lifetime.

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