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High-value forged knives from France

With these knives from Au Nain in the Auvergnese city of Thiers you'll be effortlessly cutting, filleting and carving your food like the professionals!

This range of practical knives with a classic look is called "Ideal", and the prodcuts live up to their name. The quality of steel they are made of guarantees stable handling and a long lifespan, provided the knives are well-kept. Good care includes careful washing by hand - such knives should never be put in a dishwasher.

"Perfect in use, modest in design" is a description that fits this range of knives perfectly. Their classic French form with its typical bolster between the blade and the handle gives the knives more weight and ensures that they fit perfectly in your hand.

The highly esteemed cutlery maker Au Nain guarantees with their certificate of conformity that their kitchen knives are suited for use in catering and at home. The blades consist of 5Cr 15Mo 56 HRC stainless steel, while the handles are made of the robust ABS material and sport the characteristic three rivets.

"Ideal" by Au Nain: perfect knives in any sizes.

*Paring knife - office knife (10cm)

This short cooking knife is an essential tool in any kitchen. Also known as a garnishing knife, it has a sharp, pointy blade and is very versatile.
Total length: 20cm. Weight: 60g.

*Chef's knife (15, 20, 25, and 30cm)

These knives are seen by experts as standard equipment and the most important tools in the kitchen. They cut anything, big and small, and mince onions, garlic and herbs as finely as necessary.
Total length: 27, 32, 37, and 43cm. Weight: 130, 150 220, and 390g, respectively.

*Filleting knife - filet de sole (20cm)

The French name for this knife - "filet de sole" - rougly translates as "sole knife". The name says it all: thanks to its flexible blade, this knife can effortlessly fillet any fish or meat.
Total length: 31cm. Weight: 100g.

*Meat knife - tranchelard (20, 25, and 30cm)

These 1A-grade knives are ideal slicers. Their blades can smoothly slide through meat types of any consistency without tearing the fibres and make it easy to chop raw or cooked meats into even, uniform cubes of any size. Be it calf or lamb, beef or pork: a first-class meat knife is suited for any texture.
Total length: 31, 37, and 42cm. Weight: 130, 180, and 220g, respectively.

*Steak knife (11cm)

Nowadays, steak knives are often used instead of their more common cousins, the dining knives. There is a reason for this trend: steak knives are extremely sharp and cut through medium rare meat without the need for any sawing or dragging motions. Some of them are also used in the kitchen - for example, to separate bones from cooked meat.
Total length: 22cm. Weight: 60g.

*Boning knife (13cm)

The Désosser (couteau à désosser), or boning knife, serves a very important purpose in any kitchen. Thanks to its handiness and reliable blade form, such knives help their owners to separate unwanted bones and sinews from meat and fowl as well as to remove fatty rinds and skins.
Total length: 24cm. Weight: 100g.

*Bread knife (20cm)

People who still buy whole loaves of bread or bake it themselves need a fully functional "couteau à pain" (bread knife). The bread knife with a powerful serrated blade cuts dry and fresh bread up to its heel end into fine, even slices.
Total length: 32cm. Weight: 150g.

*Carving knife (20cm)

The carving knife slices anything that need to be portioned as if by itself. With a couple of clean cuts, any fowl is separated into legs, wings, and breast, a gigot or a piglet are easily sliced according to their anatomy.
Total length: 30cm. Weight: 110g.

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