Cast iron pots

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Durable cast iron cookware from BAUMALU

Cast iron pots are made for gentle cooking, preserving the meat's flavor and all the flavors of the ingredients. The most prominent feature of cast iron is the optimal storage and distribution of heat. Foods that are to be seared and then slowly stewed succeed perfectly in a cast-iron roasting pan. BAUMALU's traditional-style stew pots are very sturdy and durable. They are easy to clean and suitable for the oven and cookers of all kinds including induction.
We offer you in discreet colors enamelled roasting pots with lids in different shapes and sizes. Cast iron is an above-average energy-saving material and develops its advantages with frequent use ever more convincing. In addition, BAUMALU offers a cast-iron grill plate (Plancha) to prepare meat specialties and other delicacies in a Mediterranean style.