Care Instructions for the Céracuivre Collection

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2015-04-07 19:47:00 / Interesting facts

Important Care Instructions for your new Copper Pan Céracuivre

Please note that a specific care is necessary to keep the pans of the Céracuivre Collection in perfect condition for years to come. By following a few simple and effective tips, the non-stick effect of the ceramic-coated pans and pots will remain perfect for a long time: 
Frying pan Ceracuivre

Copper Pan Ceracuivre

Please make sure to never overheat your pans by not letting them stand empty on top of the flame of the cooker. Different from iron pans, copper pans are not heated empty before frying because copper conducts heat very well. Inside the copper pan, the heat is distributed quickly and evenly. For searing, please use the specially dedicated iron pans that are highly regarded in the French cuisine. 

Prior To The First Use Of Your Copper Pans 

Before using your copper pans for the first time, you should rinse them with water, dry them thoroughly and then wipe them out with some paper towel and a bit of salad oil or dripping. 
Despite its scratch resistance, the high-quality ceramic coating by Greblon ® Ceram should not be put under unnecessary strain. It is therefore advisable to always use the perfectly suitable wooden spatulas, wooden spoons or the professional stirring spoon made of beech wood when cooking with your copper pans and pots. 

After Using Your Copper Pan

Copper Saute pan Céracuivre mit glass lidCopper Casserole Ceracuivre: After using your copper pan, remove any food remains, rinse your pan with warm water and dry it thoroughly. Under no circumstances should you try to remove burnt food with an abrasive sponge since this could scratch the extremely hard ceramic coating. Instead, soak your pan in warm water. In order to preserve the non-stick effect of the ceramic coating for a long time, we recommend to also refrain from using dish detergent. 
Should you have used dish detergent, follow the steps described above in the section "Prior To The First Use Of Your Copper Pans". 
With these rules of the thumb, you are able to enjoy the advantages of your copper pan Céracuivre as well as cooking with a perfect non-stick coating!