Céracuivre and BAUMALU copper cookware

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2013-05-18 17:56:00 / The kitchen

Cooking with copper

Thanks to its golden-reddish colour, copper is a feast for the eyes. As a result, it is possible to also use copper pots to serve meals directly on the festively decorated table. If you want to make the most of the favourable characteristics of your copper pot, you should use it for roasting fish or meat. Steaks, for example, can be perfectly roasted in a copper pan within a matter of minutes. While pans made of stainless steel need a long time to even warm up, the steak is quickly cooked in the copper pan. Likewise, you can also use copper pots to cook sauces to perfection with ease. All the same, gigots can be roasted effortlessly from all sides. Afterwards, you only need to put the sauté pan into the oven and let it cook gently until it is done. 

Cooking with copper pots has always been more than a luxury

In the kitchens of renowned expert chefs, copper pots have always been favored. With its reddish colour, copper is not only one of the most beautiful precious metals but also highly suitable for cooking. Whenever the details seem to make or break a meal, the quality of the pot plays an important role since the side walls of a perfect pot warm up as quickly as the bottom. However, one of the most crucial prerequisites is that the pot consists of a thermally conductive material such as copper. Cooking with copper pots is much easier because the heat does not stay at one place, e.g. the bottom of the pot, but distributes quickly and evenly. As a result, there are no overheated spots that make the whole meal taste like unenjoyable burnt food. When cooking with copper puts, it is very easy to adjust the temperature since the metal reacts quickly to heat changes, especially on gas cookers. This is an invaluable advantage if you want to cook sauces and sweet desserts. 
ceracuivre frying panSo far, copper pots have consisted of pure copper which also reacts with the contents of the pot: you must not leave any food to cool down in copper pots as it encourages the formation of poisonous verdigris. Mixing bowls for whipped egg whites and foam cream also consist of pure copper. Whether or not pure copper bowls are ideally suited to making whipped egg whites is an issue that chefs have been discussing for at least 300 years. One important fact is that egg whites really get firmer when they are beaten in a copper bowl but to this day, there has been no scientific explanation as to why this is the case. If you have ever cooked jam in a copper pot, you will know that it tastes much fruiter than jam made in any other pot. By filling the freshly made jam into beautifully designed jars, you will be able to conserve the summer for months on end. 

Maintenance of copper pots

Thanks to the Greblon ® Ceram ceramic coating it is not difficult to maintain the beauty of the Ceracuivre copper pot made by Baumalu. Just rinse your copper pot under luke-warm water by hand. Do not scratch the copper - the material is fairly soft and scratch marks are easily visible. Instead, rub your copper pot in a special copper paste on the outside, which makes it look like new.