With high-quality cookware you can achieve very good results when cooking and frying and healthy cooking is much easier. As the materials quickly transfer the heat to the cooking and frying material, energy is saved and at the same time the cooking time is shortened. High-quality cookware protects vitamins and nutrients.

At you will find a large selection of great and high-quality cookware:

Copper pots:

Copper is good for every kitchen. The trendy metal not only brings shine to any kitchen, but conducts and stores the heat very well. In them, all dishes are a real treat.
Copper is not capable of induction. Therefore, the pots and pans made therefrom can only be used on an induction cooker if they have a special ferromagnetic bottom. This applies to the copper pots of the Prima Matera Induction series from de Buyer and B'chef from BAUMALU.

Cast iron pots and pans:

When cooked in cast iron pots, they retain their natural flavor and are great for a healthy diet. Cast iron conducts the heat reliably to all parts of pot and stores them perfectly. For a pot roast, there is nothing better than a roasting casserole or casserole made of cast iron from Baumalu.

Cooking pots and pans made of stainless steel:

Good things can be so easy. This is especially true for the pots and pans made of stainless steel by Baumalu. With their practical shapes they play a convincing role in every kitchen and are also suitable for induction cookers.

Iron Pans:

The iron pans from de Buyer can be heated to a high degree and are perfect for crispy searing. They can be used on all herds and respond well to induction.