Jam pots

Copper jam pots "Cuivres de France" from Baumalu

For 10 years we have been working as a close partner with the French copper cookware manufacturer Baumalu, because our experience confirms that this manufacturer offers the highest quality at reasonable prices.

We present you here our assortment of jam pots, which are made of 100% copper.

  • Copper jam pots are perfectly suitable for all types of stoves, except induction.
  • For induction stoves, you will need an adapter plate, which you can also find in our store.
  • To make your jams and desserts the best, we recommend the thick-walled jam pots.
  • To prevent your food from boiling over, we recommend filling the pot to about two-thirds of its volume.
  • The cast iron handles are more stable than steel handles.


Céline cooking strawberry jam:

About copper jam pots

Jam pots have an opening with a much larger diameter than the bottom of the pot: this allows the water to evaporate more quickly when cooking the jam, concentrating the valuable ingredients and, above all, the incomparable taste of the ripe fruit.
All Baumalu copper jam pots are made of pure copper and are not tin-plated. The handles are made of cast iron or steel because cast iron and steel do not heat up as quickly as copper.

Copper pots are not suitable for induction stoves because copper is not magnetic.
Therefore, we offer adapter plate with 20 or 26 cm diameter for induction stoves.

Baumalu's copper pots can be used to heat up the chopped fruit for fruity jam particularly quickly: if you like to supply your family with fresh jam and marmalade but don't have much space to stockpile lots of jars, a small jam pot is a good choice. Jam pot made of copper and strawberries.

For a normal electric stove or on a ceramic hob, the thick-walled copper pots are more suitable for jam cooking: the thick bottom of the pot allows it to stand securely on the stove top. While the bottom of the thin-walled pots can also warp slightly on a normal stove thanks to their excellent heat conductivity, the thick-walled pots stand more stably.
The hammered copper pots look exceptionally attractive due to the slightly nubby surface texture. Furthermore, the surface is less prone to minor scratches.

If you like to preserve the fruity taste of the seasons, you can easily cook your jam in a copper pot the way grandma used to do it as a matter of course. Because jam is so easy to prepare in a pure copper pot from Baumalu, more and more people are finding their way back to this delicious and natural taste.
To cook a good jam, marmalade or even jelly, you need first of all the best and ripe fruits. On the contrary to the industrially produced jam, which is sweetened with the cheap corn glucose, we use the good old granulated sugar or also cane sugar. The natural pectin contained in the fruit itself is sufficient for gelling, as the fruit mass is more concentrated and not so liquid.

Céline cooking orange jelly:

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