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Various copper dishes from France:

High-quality kitchen accessories made of copper in a traditional design are the perfect complement to your copper cookware. In our shop you will find beautiful things that you may still lack in your kitchen. Or you will discover the perfect gift for an enthusiastic amateur chef who appreciates copper as a proven material for cooking and roasting vessels.

Preciously designed tinned copper lids in eight different sizes from 12 to 28 cm in diameter fit on pots made of the reddish metal and accelerate the cooking process. Shapely, practical copper kitchen utensils with cast iron handles are also part of our range. We also offer a thick-walled bowl with cast-iron handles in three sizes. Stiff egg whites, creams, cold sauces or dressings succeed in guaranteed. A special feature in our section "Miscellaneous cookware" is the set with three cannelés Bordelais made of tinned copper dar. With these cake molds, you can easily bake the famous pastry specialty from Bordeaux.

Lovers of cooking and followers of down-to-earth and upscale cuisine rummage in our treasure trove and find what they are looking for in "Miscellaneous Cookware".