About french copper cookware

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2019-08-10 15:09:00 / Archive

French copper cookware and pots made of this material not only look different, they also use the special properties and condition of copper in a distinctive way. First, there the specific properties of the noble metal copper. Next to silver, gold and platinum it is classified as noble metals. Due to its excellent properties it was the most desired materials among metals for our ancestors since 5000 B.C. Copper cookware therefore has a very long and handed down tradition.

Copper stock potIn particular, it is also due to the exceedingly good physical property of heat conductivity that copper cookware has a high utility value and a good reputation in today’s high-tech world. Some people believe that they can even taste it and many master chefs have the copper cookware in their repertoire.
The manufacturing process of cookware made of copper contains true handcraft. Our copper is made manually with a very specific procedure in detailed precision work. On the 2 mm thick solid copper a coating of lead-free and therefore harmless tin is applied by an expert or specialized craftsman. In contrast to the industrial electrolysis processes this handcraft makes it possible to apply the tin layer a little bit thicker on the critical points of the copper cookware. The riveting at the copper dishes with handles and brackets stand out due to the excellent craftsmanship. The tin coating can be found inside and therefore in no way effects the outstanding appearance of your french cookware of copper.
Your copper cookware is delivered in original condition and shows the usual color of copper. The common color of our cookware made of copper is red gold.

Tinned copper sauteuseDue to the tinning of the inside your food has no contact with the copper of the cookware. It should be noted that copper is a very important, even essential trace element and it is absolutely harmless for your health. Because of the care which we exercise when producing our copper cookware, every pot is a small masterpiece. This is only due to the properties of the handmade cookware of copper that you cannot find with industrially produced cooking pots. The copper ware can be perfectly used with every common stove type.
The owners of our copper ware are also pleased with the long working life. Those who experienced the advantages of our copper cookware for the first time always want their food to be prepared in that kind of cookware. Even while serving the food at the table the french copper cookware makes a good impression which is appreciated by the users.