Copper pan with nonstick coating

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2019-08-10 15:04:00 / Archive

From April 2012, the exclusive non stick coated copper pans Series Céracuivre to special conditions on the website be pre-ordered. With Céracuivre a revolution has occurred in the kitchen. The new copper pan is nonstick coated and was produced by the renowned company »Baumalu« from France. This advanced German technology and the French cuisine was connected. So far, copper pans were plated or clad with stainless steel. This could increase the price or the pans was very sensitive. But the copper pans in the series Céracuivre are equipped with an environmentally-friendly and functional coating. The brilliant ceramic seal is extremely hard and non stick coating is based on mineral resources.

Baumalu Céracuivre copper frying panVersatile properties with real added value

The Céracuivre copper pan boasts a wide range of their properties. The extreme hardness of the pan can be such a long-time companion in the kitchen. Thanks to the coating can hardly get scratches on the surface. Temperatures of up to 400 degrees are respected. The surface can be easily cleaned. Due to the extremely thin ceramic layer and the heat conductor property of copper a low energy input is required. The Foundation Warentest recognizes the quality of the coating (Greblon ® Ceram), which has been repeatedly rated as »very good«. The Céracuivre copper pans are available from May 2012.