Interesting facts about copper kitchenware

10.08.2019 14:19

Copper as a heat conductor

– The thermal conductivity of copper is about five times better than the thermal conductivity of iron and more than twenty times better than of stainless steel.

– It does not only conduct the heat very well – it also stores it, so that your food inside a copper pot remains warm much longer than in a pot made of stainless steel.

– The heat is distributed more evenly and can be dosed very accurately. The risk of burning is minimised, and you can also save energy.

Cooking with copper

– The copper pots by Pierre Vergnes are still manufactured by hand and are not “perfect” like stainless steel pots from industry manufacturing. The copper pots by BAUMALU are produced in a standard way and can therefore be offered for a more inexpensive price.

– Please note that the bottom of copper pots is not as straight as with straight-polished stainless steel pots.

– Copper is a soft metal and expands when heated. The bottom of a thin-walled copper pot can deform when heated more easily than the bottom of a thick-walled copper pot. It is therefore advisable to use thin-walled copper pots on the gas stove. On a regular stove, this might lead to partial loss of contact between pot bottom and the stove. When used with a gas stove, the heat/flame remains in contact with the pot bottom nevertheless.

– The hammering of the copper tightens the metal structure and thus makes the copper pot even more stable. Only the copper pots by Pierre Vergnes are still be hammered by hand.

– Copper pots basically work on all types of stoves except on induction stoves. Only the copper pots of the series “Prima Matera” by de Buyer have a ferromagnetic bottom, making them suitable for induction.

Copper pots are beautiful and the best pots for cooking – but this kind of beauty is not about perfection!

Copper kettles with lidThe colour of copper

– Copper takes on different colours when heated. Over time, the surface gets a patina.

– Copper is a very soft metal and very sensitive to small scratches. The copper pots by BAUMALU and de Buyer are polished for sale. Among such craft products small irregularities are normal.

– For the cleaning of the copper surface, we recommend the polish for copper pots by de Buyer. Traditionally, the copper surface is cleaned with lemon juice and salt.

Copper and hygiene

– Bacteria can not survive on copper. Therefore, the pipes for the supply of drinking water as well as door handles and window handles are often made of brass (80% copper).

Copper dishes without coating

Jam pots made of copper – or ” Poêlon à Confiseur” for pastry chefs – are not coated with tin. The temperature of sugar reaches more than 180°C during melting and thus would damage the tin coating.

– To avoid the formation of copper rust (verdigris) in uncoated copper pots you should only cook food in there but not let the food stay in there to cool down.

Tin-coated copper kitchenware

– The tin coating of the pots allows the cooling of food in your pot.

– The tin coating changes colour during use and gets more or less gray.

– The irregularity of the colours has a reason: The distribution of the different foods on the pot surface is irregular as well.

– The colour of the tin layer is normal and not harmful to health. Under no circumstances should you try to remove the stains of your tin pot with a scratch sponge, because that might destroy the tin.

– Tin is a soft metal and should be treated with caution. Do not use hard instruments but only wooden or plastic spoon.

– The melting point of tin is about 230°C. You should therefore never leave your copper pot on the hot stove after emptying or before filling it! For very hot and searing ways of frying, we recommend the Mineral Iron Pan B Element by de Buyer.

Copper kitchenware with  stainless steel coating

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Copper kitchenware with Greblon ceramic coating

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