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In our shop you can find high-quality French copperware for use in the kitchen. Whether you are looking for regular cooking pots or frying pans, casseroles or perhaps even sinks made of copper – or whether you are looking for more unusual copperware like traditional copper cauldrons or special small pots for the preparation of marmalade/jam – here you can find the right copperware for your requirements, be it for your kitchen at home or within a professional area. Copper is a traditional material for cooking pots that is highly esteemed in the kitchen for its good heat conduction qualities.

cooking with de Buyer copper cookwareWe sell copperware (e.g. copper pots and frying pans and copper casseroles) of the brands “Baumalu”, “Pierre Vergnes” and “de Buyer”.

Baumalu products are mostly produced with the use of machines – a way of production that makes it possible to make the dishes available for consumers at a very good price.

The company Pierre Vergnes, a traditional crafter’s company in the south of France, offers a variety of hand crafted products. Their pots and other copperware are regularly sold with a characteristic patina. On request, though, you can get them in their polished version as well.

We want you to be – and remain – satisfied with your choice and the purchase of our copper kitchen ware – so to avoid misunderstandings we would add that the Pierre Vergnes copper pots, pans and casseroles are not suited for induction cookers. For this purpose we offer different copper pots with an especially equipped pot bottom. (More on that later.)

If you are interested to learn more about the production methods at the manufacturers of Pierre Vergnes, please take a look at the five short films we feature to provide you with a closer insight.

Copper pots and pans at de BuyerDespite copper being a traditional material, there is also a high tech generation of copper pots available. In our shop, these are being represented by the high-quality products of the company “de Buyer”. Their copperware series “Prima Matera” includes the “Inocuivre Induction” pots which, as the name suggests, are fitted for use on induction cookers. De Buyer is ISO 9001 certified.

You can find further information on these three manufacturers on our sites as well, and of course more details on their products, the product maintenance and repair as well as their areas of use.

When it comes to the combination of copper with other materials, we mainly differentiate between four kinds of copper pots: The traditional form partially includes tin. Beyond that there are copper pots with a coating made of stainless steel, and some of those provide the additionally fitted bottom for use with induction cookers.

Sauce pan CeracuivreA novelty in the area of copper pot coating is GREBLON® Ceram – an especially durable ceramic sealing on a mineral base. GREBLON® Ceram is notable for its longevity, heat resistance and easy cleaning possibilties. This special coating is being featured in the “Céracuivre” series by manufacturer Baumalu and will be available from May 2012 onwards. GREBLON® Ceram is LGA-testet (seal of approval no. 4935096) and free from PTFE and PFOA.

Furthermore, we provide some additional texts about the subjects of wine, agriculture and cuisine that will hopefully prove entertaining as well as informative to you – and will help setting the mood for French copper kitchen ware.