“Prima Matera Inocuivre Induction” – a special copper pot line by de Buyer for use on induction stoves

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2019-08-10 14:46:00 / Archive

When it comes to cooking, copper kitchenware is not only a traditional but still much preferred choice, for example copper pots by the award-winning company “de Buyer”.

Professional chefs as well as hobby cooks like to use pots and pans made of copper because (among others) of the great heat conductivity of the material – and last not least because of its beauty. Many modern kitchens, though, meanwhile include stoves that are based on induction. Induction stoves work with alternating electromagnetic fields. The top of such an induction stove consists of a special glass-ceramic material. This top covers an inductor. Electricity flows through this inductor and thus creates the alternating electromagnetic field. A metal pot above such a field gets heated up – but not every metal pot is equally suited for cooking on such a stove. Regular copper pots for example are not suitable.

PRIMA MATERA – Inocuivre Induction – de Buyer The manufacturer “de Buyer”, a French family-owned company, provides customers with a solution for this cooking dilemma: de Buyer has developed “Prima Matera Inocuivre Induction ” – copper kitchenware with a bottom made of copper and a percentage of stainless steel, which makes it usable with an induction stove (“Inocuivre Induction”). Thus, the Prima Matera Inocuivre Induction line by de Buyer combines the advantages of copper as a widely appreciated kitchenware material with those of a modern induction stove.

The Inocuivre Induction pots of the Prima Matera series represent copper kitchenware of the high tech generation, combining the traditional copper material with a modern ferromagnetic (“ferrum” being the Latin word for “iron”) bottom that is usable for cooking on induction stoves. For their Prima Matera series de Buyer received the “Grand Prix Table & Cadeau 2010”. Inocuivre Induction Prima Matera is available in various forms and sizes,