Pocket Knives & Corkscrews

A cultural treasure: distinctive and elegant pocket knives from France.

You don't have to be a proven connoisseur of the extensive and somewhat confusing range of French pocket knives to be enthusiastic about these fine pieces. Traditional blacksmiths in various regions still produce the pocket knives developed according to traditional models. Over the centuries, they have been reliable companions for shepherds, herdsmen, cattle breeders, winegrowers or fishermen and were valued as handy tools in many other professions. Against this historical background, it gradually becomes clear even to a layman what importance not only the French attach to the acquisition and possession of a high-quality pocket knife.

We present you a selection of selected pocket knives from French manufacturers. Get to know the famous Laguiole, which is now produced and marketed in countless variations. Even more than the southern French town of Laguiole, the town of Thiers in the Auvergne region is a stronghold of cutlery. With us, you will find a fascinating assortment of beautiful pocket knives that originate from Thiers. Learn more about the special features of the popular and ingeniously designed pocket knives with names like Alsace, Alpin, Yssingeaux, Aveyronnais, Roquefort or Pradel, about their history and origin.

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