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2013-05-19 17:38:00 / The kitchen

What are the advantages of chopping boards made of wood?

Despite everything that is popular in modern kitchens, such as cooking utensils made of stone, stainless steel, glass or synthetic material, amateur and expert chefs have a strong preference for butcher blocks that consist of wood. But what makes the wooden chopping board so popular and how does it have to be designed so that you can easily use it for chopping and hashing? Butcher blockAs wood is slightly softer and more sensitive than stone or glass, your knives will not get blunt as fast. Should you prefer knives made of ceramic in your kitchen, you have to use wooden or synthetic chopping boards anyway. Admittedly, a wooden butcher block must not be cleaned in hot water or in the dish washer. But thankfully, there is no need to do this since - like any other high-quality chopping board - the Billots de Sologne wooden chopping boards are antibacterial. This is due to the wood used in production and the resins contained therein as well as the technically clean workmanship. As a matter of fact, very firm wood of high quality is able to withstand sharp knife blades much better than any synthetic material. To maintain the beauty of your wooden chopping board, you only need to rub some oil over it from time to time. This can best be done with edible oil that does not only seal the surface but also protects it. 
Butcher block Iron woodBillot is the French term for wooden chopping board or butcher block and Sologne is a well-forested area in the region of Centre in central France. There, in one of the most beautiful villages, the traditional and outstanding Billots de Sologne have been produced by every trick in the book for five generations. In order to preserve the tradition, innovation is very important as well since only by making advances is it possible to manufacture chopping boards of high quality. The wood of the Billots de Sologne is chopped in French forests that are sustainably managed in order to ensure the protection of our natural environment.
In Germany, the Billots de Sologne chopping boards are only available at Gourmet.web, assures Monsieur Stéphane Gérard, CEO of "Billots de Sologne". 
The copping boards "Le Block" are available in different sizes, measuring either 45 x 35 x 6 centimetres or 50 x 40 x 8 centimetres. They are produced in a slightly conical shape. Thanks to the grip recess on each side, they can easily be carried from one place to the other. The chopping boards consist of solid common hornbeam wood and are adorned with a contrasting stripe of oak wood. Being equipped with slip-proof feet, they are perfectly suitable for all your cooking sessions. 
"Le Block" are chopping boards and butcher blocks that are made of the extremely hard and durable common hornbeam wood. The common hornbeam resembles the well-known common beech. Likewise, it has a smooth bark and the leaves also have similar characteristics as regards pattern, shape and size.
butcher block GaillardHowever, as the name suggests, the wood of the common hornbeam is much lighter in colour: it is white to greyish-white. There are no colour differences between the sapwood and the heartwood and even the annual rings are hardly visible. In addition, it is much harder and tougher than the wood of the common beech, the acacia or even the oak. This is the reason why the common hornbeam is also called "iron tree". Needless to say, the wood of the common hornbeam is perfectly suitable for butcher blocks: it does not fray and offers sufficient resistance for sharp knife blades without negatively affecting their sharpness. The microbiological institute in Freising is currently attesting that the wood of the common hornbeam is of very high quality as regards bacterial contamination. Thanks to the high content of tannin acid, bacteria stand no chance of surviving in or on this wood. 
The butcher block "Louchebem" is a traditional butcher block that is also made of wood and perfectly suitable for any kitchen or delicatessen counter. Expert butchers prefer the block in the size of 40 x 40 x 8 centimetres. However, it is also possible to have the Louchebem made to your own specifications. In addition, the butcher block can be equipped with a storage surface and as well as a drawer. This solid butcher block can either be integrated into the kitchen or set up as a central kitchen island. For this purpose, the board is delivered with a solid foundation made of wood or stainless steel. 
butcher block LouchebemLe Louchebem is a secret language, the argot. The proper term is "largonji des louchébems", which describes the jargon of the butchers. Butchers in the central markets of Paris and Lyon used this language to communicate with each other to make secret arrangements that their customers could not understand. The Louchebem is still used in the professional environment and some of the words of the secret language are now widely known. One version of the Louchebem was used by the French resistance during the German occupation.
The smaller Billots de Sologne such as "Le Block" or "Louchebem" are forwarded by DHL. The large butcher blocks are custom-made individual items that are forwarded by a haulage firm to customers throughout Europe.