The kitchen

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The kitchen: a place of functionality and creativity
02.06.2016 12:31
Many people are mad about food - even if they sometimes aren't very picky with what constitutes their diet. Some seem to regard the kitchen as merely the location of the fridge as well as some more ...
Billots de Sologne
19.05.2013 17:38
What are the advantages of chopping boards made of wood?   Despite everything that is popular in modern kitchens, such as cooking utensils made of stone, stainless steel, glass or more ...
Copper Show: Inocuivre Induction Prima Matera by de Buyer
19.05.2013 17:15
The Prima Matera collection "Inocuivre Induction" by de Buyer joins up the advantages of different materials and technologies. The cooking pots consist of ninety percent copper and ten more ...
Céracuivre and BAUMALU copper cookware
18.05.2013 17:56
Cooking with copper Thanks to its golden-reddish colour, copper is a feast for the eyes. As a result, it is possible to also use copper pots to serve meals directly on the festively more ...
Different countries, different cooking utensils
17.05.2013 17:32
The most important cooking utensils in English-speaking countries   Pots, cooking spoons and casserole dishes are used everywhere around the world. Nonetheless, each country has more ...
Total entries: 5