DE BUYER iron frying pan

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The high-quality iron pans Mineral B Element produced by de Buyer are an indispensable and traditional part of any kitchen.

They are suitable for all heat sources including induction cooker.

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Living French cuisine tradition: cooking, braising and frying with iron pans from De Buyer

The products from the renowned family business De Buyer in the French Vosges enjoy an excellent reputation in fine dining. Even private chefs and connoisseurs swear by the preparation of delicious dishes in the different iron pans of this soon 200-year-old company.

We offer a selection of excellent products such as the Mineral B Element Iron Pan in three sizes or the Mineral B Element Farm Pan in two sizes. The tough Carbone plus iron pan for every day is available in five sizes from De Buyer. You can choose between six sizes for the Paella iron pan Carbone plus with two handles from De Buyer.

For autumn and winter delicacies we recommend the iron pan for sweet chestnuts and chestnuts. The De Buyer Maronipfanne has a diameter of 28 cm. The popular Eastern European pancakes prepare you in the small patenten Blinis iron pan. It measures 12 cm in diameter and also comes from the well-known manufacturer De Buyer.