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About copper jam pots
06.10.2017 08:34
Interesting facts about iron, cast iron and steel
31.05.2016 08:10
Heavy calibre: iron, cast iron, steel The protohistoric Ice Age belongs to the geological epoch of Holocene and followed the late Bronze Age. Before people in their separate cultural more ...
Care Instructions for the Céracuivre Collection
07.04.2015 19:47
Important Care Instructions for your new Copper Pan Céracuivre Please note that a specific care is necessary to keep the pans of the Céracuivre Collection in perfect condition for years to more ...
Interesting facts about copper pots and copper cookware
19.05.2013 18:16
Copper cookware for the highest requirements in the kitchen Expert chefs have known it for a long time - by using copper cookware, any meal can be prepared in a perfect and gentle way. They more ...
Things to know about chopping boards and butcher blocks
19.05.2013 18:07
These are the best: chopping boards and butcher blocks made of end-grained wood  Butcher blocks made of end-grained wood, which is also called head wood, are particularly solid, firm more ...
Interesting facts about iron pans
19.05.2013 17:52
Traditional and popular: the iron pan The iron pan is perfectly suitable for hot cooking: after a few moments have passed, you can roast the delicacies precisely at very high temperatures more ...
Total entries: 6