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Interesting facts about iron, cast iron and steel

31.05.2016 08:10
Learn to confidently recognise first-class kitchen knives and to discern them from lower-value cutting tools. Pay attention to the balance between the blade and the handle, as well as the prominent knife head - the hallmarks of high-end utensils such as the ones by Au Nain Couteliers.

Care Instructions for the Céracuivre Collection

07.04.2015 19:47

Please note that a specific care is necessary to keep the pans of the Céracuivre Collection in perfect condition for years to come. By following a few simple and effective tips, the non-stick effect of the ceramic-coated pans and pots will remain perfect for a long time.

Interesting facts about copper pots and copper cookware

19.05.2013 18:16

Interesting facts about copper pots and copper cookware for the highest requirements in the kitchen.

The positive characteristics of copper have been used in the kitchen for a long time. Learn more about the characteristics and the manufacturing of copper cookware. has compiled the most important information for you in a neat way. 

Things to know about chopping boards and butcher blocks

19.05.2013 18:07

As a natural material and thanks to its excellent characteristics, wood is perfectly suitable for the production of chopping boards as well as butcher blocks. For a start, chopping boards and butcher blocks made of wood do not have a negative effect on the sharpness of the knife blade. In addition, wood contains a natural substance that kills off bacteria or at least limits their survival capability considerably. As a result, wood is much more hygienic than most other materials and, at the same time, does have a beautiful appearance. 

Interesting facts about iron pans

19.05.2013 17:52

The oil begins to steam in the pan as a well-flavoured beef point steak is gently put into it - this is one of the simplest but also one of the most sensual moments while cooking. When the meat sizzles in the pan and the roasting flavor develops, you know what's in your iron pan: an remarkable piece of cooking culture.