"The customer is the boss" and, as a result, we place great importance on your satisfaction when purchasing from Gourmet-Web.com. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can find a solution to your problems and advise you in every regard.

I have just placed an order and would now like to change something..?

You cannot change an order that has already been placed. However, it is possible to place a new order and cancel the incorrect one. Please notify us of your cancellation at the end of the order process "Comment" or fill out the contact form with your order details. 

What is the post address of Gourmet-Web in cases of returns? 

Our post address is:
Friedhofsweg 1, Tor 1
12529 Schönefeld

I would like my order to be delivered to an address in a non-EU country..?

Customers who do not live within the EU will not be charged German VAT. If delivery is to be effected to an address in a non-EU country, it is possible that the customer has to pay additional tariffs, taxes or charges to the local customs or revenue authorities. However, these costs are not to be paid to the seller of the goods.