De Buyer

The De Buyer copper cookware is coated with stainless steel inside which simplifies the care and handling. The wall thickness of the copper cookware is 2mm. They are made of 90% copper and 10% stainless steel. Handles and stems are either cast iron, cast stainless steel or bronze / brass. This copper stainless steel pots are suitable for all types of stoves except induction.

Only the copper pots of the professional series Prima Matera by de Buyer and B'chef by BAUMALU are also suitable for induction stoves.

To complement the copper cookware, we offer you a selection of the best De Buyer iron pans.

The copper pots of the "Prima Matera" series from de Buyer, made of 90% copper and 10% stainless steel, with handles and stems made of cast stainless steel and thanks to a special ferromagnetic bottom, induction-compatible, were already awarded the so-called "Grand Prix Table & Cadeau" in 2010.

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