Different countries, different cooking utensils

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2013-05-17 17:32:00 / The kitchen

The most important cooking utensils in English-speaking countries

Pots, cooking spoons and casserole dishes are used everywhere around the world. Nonetheless, each country has developed different terms to describe them. The American equivalent of the British "sauce pan" is "sauce pot". Of course, any American knows what the term "sauce pan" means although it is rarely used in the US. Other terms such as "casserole dish" and "cooking spoon" are widely used throughout English-speaking countries with no difference in meaning. When gourmets or cooking fans want to make an apple pie, a tart or anything the like, they can use either pie or tart forms. The term "tart form" is most often used in America and Australia and less frequently in the UK, where people still love their "pie form". 

Popular cooking utensils around the globe

Food lovers and gourmets know that the key to successful cooking is not only fresh ingredients but also high-quality cookware. As a result, people from every country in the world - be it Great Britain, Australia or America - are increasingly using pots (or: pans) made of copper. Copper pots are ideally suited to cooking sauces, jam and other specialties that need to be heated gently and evenly. Apart from pots and pans made of copper, cooking utensils that consist of wood are becoming more popular since they are very durable and non-hazardous to health. Cooking spoons and chopping boards made of wood are not only suitable for daily use but also a pleasure to look at. In addition, wooden spoons can also be used in connection with copper pots since they are less likely to cause any damage. If you cook with fresh ingredients and use cookware made of natural materials, you will find that every meal tastes a lot better.
It doesn't matter whether you say "copper pan" or "copper pot" in your country: the love of food and the passion for cooking is what binds together gourmets from all over the world.