Copper Show: Inocuivre Induction Prima Matera by de Buyer

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2013-05-19 17:15:00 / The kitchen

The Prima Matera collection "Inocuivre Induction" by de Buyer joins up the advantages of different materials and technologies. The cooking pots consist of ninety percent copper and ten per cent stainless steel, which is used for the inner walls. One of the main advantages of copper is its heat conductivity, which means that the heat warms up the inside of the pot quickly and evenly. As a result, it is possible to control the heat supply much more exactly when cooking. Meals such as steaks, gourmet fish and vegetables can be precisely cooked without any difficulty. From the compression of the pots to the final check, top quality has priority. At the same time, the pots of this collection benefit of the internal steel coating. In addition, the stainless steel prolongs the life cycle of the cooking utensils. 

The cooking pots are produced by the company de Buyer, which has had its headquarters in the village of Le Val d'Ajol in the French Vosges since 1830. All in all, the company offers a range of around 3,000 different cooking utensils. The Prima Matera collection is characterized by the great deal of handiwork that is needed to make the products. The result is cooking pots that have no equal in terms of shape, material and functionality. This is highlighted by the highly coveted prize "Grand Prix Table & Cadeau" that de Buyer was awarded for its Prima Matera collection in 2010. Expert chefs from all over the world and lovers of good, homemade food value the impeccable quality of the de Buyer brand. 
The Prima Matera collection offers a wide range of cooking utensils such as pots and pans. From stewing pans, saucepans and sauté pans to small pans and large roasting dishes, the collection leaves nothing to be desired. All handles are triple-riveted in order to enhance the durability of the cookware. Thanks to the ferromagnetic bottom, it is possible to use the pots and pans on induction cookers. Apart from the high quality in terms of material and workmanship, the collection is especially known for its shapeliness. When time is short and the food has to be served directly from the pot in the kitchen, the meal is a feast for the eyes nonetheless since the copper pots and pans by de Buyer are not only of high quality but also visually appealing. Be sure that other amateur chefs sitting around the table will envy you when you take the gigot out of roasting dish of the Prima Matera collection in order to slice it up expertly on the table. 

Professionell inocuivre induction Prima Matera

However, what is most important is the pleasant feeling to not only have high-quality ingredients but also excellent cookware when preparing meals. Even the best meat will lose its taste quickly when it is not cooked well. Poorly made, thin-walled pans have the ability to also turn high-quality pieces of sirloin into uneatable dry meat. In contrast, the "Inocuivre Induction" cooking utensils makes it easy to cook beef and lamb precisely. As a matter of course, cooking becomes much more enjoyable when you use high-quality cookware since you also put more effort into preparing your meals. No later than at the time you serve the food on a plate will you discover the true value of the pots and pons of the Prima Matera collection. Considering the high quality and the long life cycle of the products by de Buyer, the slightly higher price is justifiable. If you decide on cookware of the Prima Matera collection, you only buy once and then benefit from professional utensils in your kitchen that are visually appealing as well. Your eagerness to experiment will probably rise once you have convinced yourself of the high quality of the Inocuivre Induction cookware by de Buyer. Surprise yourself and others by cooking delicious meals with the Prima Matera collection. All that is left to say now is "Enjoy your meal and treat yourself".