Wholesale Customers

For many years we have been distributing and representing top-quality cuisine products from renowned French manufacturers. Our high-quality products do not only appeal to households: our customer base includes various restaurants and hotels as well as resellers. Please feel free to contact us if you require large orders so that we can prepare an individual offer for you.


Individual offers for large quantities on demand

Products for cooking, serving or decorating

Also possible for resellers

We deliver fast and worldwide

Benefit from our many years of experience!


Restaurants & hotels

Having high-quality cookware is a must for chefs in restaurants and hotels. Our regular customers include professional chefs who buy their tools from us and have their knives sharpened in our shop. In addition to their primary purpose, many of our products are well suited for preparing dishes and presenting them to your guests. Serve special dishes as for example the Austrian dishes Tafelspitz and Kaiserschmarren in copper pots and your guests will appreciate it.


We can offer special conditions for resellers. Worldwide shipping is possible and can be made by prior arrangement. Please contact us if you are interested in our products. Everything is possible whether you need copper pots, knives or chopping blocks from our own production.

You are enthusiastic about our products and want to advertise them on your blog, website or social media channel? Contact us for the opportunity to join our affiliate program.
Restaurant POTS in BerlinThe interior designer Mareile Hellwig from RAUMKONZEPTE used decorative elements with copper pots from our shop in the restaurant POTS - Dieter Müller in Berlin.

Copper cookware for decoration

Copper cookware is of timeless beauty and is always in style. It is not only suitable for cooking, but also as decoration for shops, shop display cases, restaurants or hotels. We support your marketing campaign with our large and reasonably priced range of copper pots.

Copper brings warmth, creates trust and conveys a sense of tradition. This was recognised by a large chocolate manufacturer, among others, who placed copper pots from our shop in his visual marketing campaign. The shimmer of copper also conveys these emotions in restaurants, giving guests a pleasant feeling. Our copper tableware can already be seen in several renowned establishments.