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The kitchen: a place of functionality and creativity

02.06.2016 12:31
There's an outstanding and all-encompassing assortment of kitchen knives and other cutting tools for professional cooks as well as cooking aficionados manufactured by Au Nain Couteliers, a company from Thiers in the Auvergne. Various products from the 130-year-old smithy exemplify the perfect union of functionality and design.

Interesting facts about iron, cast iron and steel

31.05.2016 08:10
Learn to confidently recognise first-class kitchen knives and to discern them from lower-value cutting tools. Pay attention to the balance between the blade and the handle, as well as the prominent knife head - the hallmarks of high-end utensils such as the ones by Au Nain Couteliers.

Au Nain invites you to the table

28.05.2016 11:11

The table culture à la française presents itself thus: functional and elegant cutlery with traditional French design as well as serving and carving utensils of premium quality. Au Nain Couteliers offers you a wide range of products designed to fulfil any needs.

Au Nain - Coutellerie professionnelle

21.05.2016 09:51
Thiers, the city of cutlers in the rench region of Auvergne, is also the location of the renowned cutting tools manufacturer Au Nain Couteliers. The company with a history spanning 130 years produces top-quality kitchen knives as well as dinner and carving utensils.

Care Instructions for the Céracuivre Collection

07.04.2015 19:47

Please note that a specific care is necessary to keep the pans of the Céracuivre Collection in perfect condition for years to come. By following a few simple and effective tips, the non-stick effect of the ceramic-coated pans and pots will remain perfect for a long time.

Interesting facts about copper pots and copper cookware

19.05.2013 18:16

Interesting facts about copper pots and copper cookware for the highest requirements in the kitchen.

The positive characteristics of copper have been used in the kitchen for a long time. Learn more about the characteristics and the manufacturing of copper cookware. has compiled the most important information for you in a neat way. 

Things to know about chopping boards and butcher blocks

19.05.2013 18:07

As a natural material and thanks to its excellent characteristics, wood is perfectly suitable for the production of chopping boards as well as butcher blocks. For a start, chopping boards and butcher blocks made of wood do not have a negative effect on the sharpness of the knife blade. In addition, wood contains a natural substance that kills off bacteria or at least limits their survival capability considerably. As a result, wood is much more hygienic than most other materials and, at the same time, does have a beautiful appearance. 

Interesting facts about iron pans

19.05.2013 17:52

The oil begins to steam in the pan as a well-flavoured beef point steak is gently put into it - this is one of the simplest but also one of the most sensual moments while cooking. When the meat sizzles in the pan and the roasting flavor develops, you know what's in your iron pan: an remarkable piece of cooking culture.

Billots de Sologne

19.05.2013 17:38

If you have ever been lucky enough to see an expert chef cook, then you probably gush about the divine sophistication and quickness with which he uses the knife on his wooden chopping board, cutting shallots and leek into extremely delicate rings. 

Copper Show: Inocuivre Induction Prima Matera by de Buyer

19.05.2013 17:15

Inocuivre copper sauteuseTradition meets modernism in the best possible way: the cooking pots of the Prima Matera collection "Inocuivre Induction" by de Buyer are made of high-quality copper. At the same time, state-of-the-art technologies are used in production to make sure that all pots are suitable for induction cookers. The result is well-designed cookware of top quality that even meets high standards unfailingly. 

Les Billots de Sologne

19.05.2013 16:37

Butcher blockThere is a widespread belief that the clocks in France tick somewhat differently. Maybe it is simply a tribute to a time that was not as fast moving as today. However, one thing is certain: time only plays an ancillary role when it comes to manufacturing handcrafted goods of high quality. It is a matter of fact that the very firm wood of the slow-growing common hornbeam used in the production of chopping boards or butcher blocks needs its time to grow. To manufacture an excellent work piece out of this good wood takes some time as well - but the result is high-quality cookware that lasts for a lifetime. 

de Buyer

19.05.2013 16:25

de Buyer logoThe world fame of the French cuisine is based on two simple principles: high quality standards and excellent workmanship. These quality standards are not only directed towards the ingredients contained in the meals - the cooking utensils used to prepare them are equally as important. This point of view coincides with the company philosophy of de Buyer as the firm places great importance on excellent material and top-notch workmanship when producing cookware and accessories. 

Table Culture - a Meal as a social Function

19.05.2013 16:12

The dinner table (and that of course goes for breakfast or lunch or any other meal) certainly belongs to the central aspects of our daily life. It is a place where we can enjoy a cosy Sunday morning breakfast, a business lunch in public or an intimate dinner for two in a romantic restaurant.

Food culture in Germany

19.05.2013 15:39

Copper stock potFor those who love good food, pleasure is the path to happiness. Even in the 1970s, the Germans were model students when it came to haute cuisine: Learning cooking from the French by watching them prepare meals was not only allowed but desirable. Eating boiled dinners just to be full was not the main aim in the kitchen anymore.

High-class copper cookware and more: Baumalu from Baldenheim

19.05.2013 10:04

Copper Sauteuse with lidA well-known proverb says "You eat with your eyes first". This is especially true for the fine upper-class cuisine. To an even greater extent, this proverb applies to the process of preparing and cooking meals. The high-quality copper cookware produced by BAUMALU ensures that pots, casseroles and pans are already eye-catchers when standing on the domestic cooker. By using top-class cookware, you will enjoy cooking much more. Since you put more effort into preparing meals with the finest ingredients, you will be able to create excellent dishes. Upper-class cuisine is not only a question of which ingredients you use - the choice of the cookware is equally as important. 

Céracuivre and BAUMALU copper cookware

18.05.2013 17:56

Ceracuivre frying panThe Ceracuivre copper pots produced by Baumalu combine German high-tech with French cooking tradition: copper pots that are coated with the extremely hard ceramic Greblon ® Ceram made by the German manufacturer Weilburger have been available since May 2012. 

Different countries, different cooking utensils

17.05.2013 17:32

Food, be it a little snack or a delicious feast, is all about enjoyment and well-being. People from all over the world gather around the table after a hard day's work to enjoy meals with their loved ones while talking about everything that is on their mind. Although the love of food is always the same, the cooking utensils vary from country to country. Utensils that are used in America, for example, may be totally different from those used in Great Britain. Sometimes the differences are negligible and only present in the form of the technical terms used to describe them. Other times, however, cooking utensils have cultural significance and may only be popular in one particular country.